Become One of the Strongest, Healthiest People You Know (in Body and Mind), Be a Part of a Movement Initiating Real Change For the Next Generation…
...even if you feel like a hot mess, you're a serious couch potato and your diet consists primarily of pizza, wine and ice cream.

In the current American culture, we aren’t really taught how to be healthy and we're always being told that, when it comes to our own health, someone else knows better. And, to make matters worse, a lot of the "health" advice circulated in our society produces immense mental strain.

All this causes most people to either be unhealthy a lot of the time or to sacrifice other important aspects of their life (or their peace of mind) for their physical health. 

This leaves nearly everyone feeling guilty for one reason or another, saying to themselves, “What’s wrong with me?”

And teaches the next generation that being healthy is a struggle. It shouldn’t be this way!

But I understand the struggle. 

My name is Annalicia (pronounced, "Anna-lee-sha") and my health journey began when I was 18 and heard about the “Freshman 15” for the first time...

I was told a lot of girls gain 15+ pounds during their first year of college. Prior to hearing about the “Freshman 15” I didn’t think much about my health or my weight.

I was a three-sport athlete in high school so I got the exercise I needed simply by showing up for my games and practices. And, like most high school kids, I ate the meals that were prepared for me and whatever was in my house for snacks.


I’m 18 years old, I’m thin and I’m fit, but I suddenly realized that could all change very quickly. And, even though I didn’t think much about my weight prior to that, the idea of gaining weight started to really scare me.

All I wanted was to stay thin and fit, but I didn't really have any health habits in place, I didn't really know what it meant to be healthy or how to do it on my own.

So I got to work...

I established rules about food and strict exercise routines. I told myself there was no excuse for me not getting to the gym. So, I went...

Every. Single. Day.

It didn’t matter how I was feeling, emotionally, and it didn’t matter how I was feeling, physically. I never allowed myself to miss a workout because, “I didn’t feel like it.” I was the perfect poster child for the “no excuses” fitness philosophy.

My obsession with exercise escalated to a point where I would work out even if I was sick...

I was obsessed with exercise, obsessed with rules around food, and obsessed with my weight.

It was far from healthy.

Anxiety and exhaustion dominated my life and escalated to a point where I was finally willing to consider that there might be a better way.

I sought out training in different health modalities, like yoga and health coaching, that promoted listening to your body and your feelings and I eventually found relief from my fear of food, my anxiety and my exhaustion.

After about a decade of practicing this new way of being healthy, my life had completely transformed. I had become a different, happier, healthier individual. I had truly found my healthy-living sweet spot!
Because of my personal struggles with health, I'm committed to being a new kind of leader in the health, fitness and personal-development world...

One that not only concerns herself with people’s behaviors, what they’re doing or not doing to get healthier, but one who also values the thoughts, feelings and intentions behind people’s behaviors.

One who not only gives credence to what can be measured, seen and tracked, but one who also gives credence to the motives and values we’re living and teaching to our children.

At this point, my unique philosophy on health and fitness and well being has spread and has been acclaimed in major publications and media throughout the United States including Cameron Diaz’s Body Book Blog, The Huffington Post, Authority Magazine, Fox News, Mind Body Green, ELITE DAILY, Unity Magazine, CBS Minnesota News and Twin Cities Live.

What I've discovered is that it's crucial to NOT just focus on your behavior when it comes to getting healthier (what you’re doing or not doing with your body and the results you’re getting or not getting)...

But, it's ALSO crucial to focus on what you’re thinking and who you’re being...

And, ultimately, how you’re feeling...

What I've learned is...

In order to find your healthy-living sweet spot, you MUST bring "intangibles" into the conversation.

Put another way...

Thinking better must be a priority.

A natural byproduct of thinking better is doing better...

Meaning, when you begin to think better, you won’t have to force yourself to do will happen, naturally, and will be sustained, naturally.

Valuing life's "intangibles" is absolutely key if you want to find your healthy-living sweet spot. 

But the conversation doesn't simply stop there.

I have an important question for you to consider...

If you're "robbing Peter to pay Paul", if you're wreaking havoc on important aspects of your life in pursuit of improving your physical health, is that truly healthy?

The answer is - no.

The time has come for us all to have a higher standard for what we label as “healthy” and the only way to make that happen is to not only 1.) bring the intangibles into the conversation, but also 2.) STOP compartmentalizing life! We must make the conversation broader, more holistic.

With that said, I’m really excited to introduce you to…

The Four Quadrants of Life

These four quadrants are very similar to the four quadrants you see above, in that we’re bringing the intangibles and the tangibles together... 

You'll notice...

The intangibles are still on the y axis...simply with a different label, ”perspective”. And the tangibles still on the x axis with the new label, “action”.

The big difference here is instead of only focusing on physical health habits, we’re broadening the labels and, therefore, broadening the conversation.

In other words...

Making the conversation around health more holistic.

And, therefore...

Making our thinking around health more holistic as well.

So that, we’re less likely to do this without catching ourselves...

In other words...

Use willpower to be consistent with health habits, but neglect other important aspects of our lives.

Another scenario that I see play out all the time in our culture is, you might spend a lot of time in the bottom, right-hand quadrant when it comes to work and then so many other important aspects of life, like your physical health habits, end up landing in the top, left-hand quadrant.

You can't stay in the top, left-hand quadrant very long until the feeling goes from an, “Forget it!” a prison in your own mind...

“What’s wrong with me?”

That's when you drop to the bottom, left-hand quadrant...

The bottom, left-hand quadrant is the most vulnerable quadrant...

It’s the most uncomfortable of all human experiences.

In this quadrant, you feel alone, you feel like no one understands and you feel like something is really wrong with you. The irony of all this is that whenever you’re feeling this way, it’s simply an indication that you’re in the bottom, left-hand quadrant.

In other words...

It's simply an indication you’re human and alive and you're having one of the four common experiences (The Four Quadrants of Life) that all humans who are alive have.

Most people stay in this bottom, left-hand quadrant until they can’t take the guilt or anxiety anymore. That’s when they muster up some willpower to move over to the bottom, right-hand quadrant...

This completes one "V180" cycle and initiates another.

The "V180" is a vicious cycle that tricks you into thinking things are getting better, but ultimately leaves you feeling defeated.

This is a universal phenomenon. 

Although every person has his or her own unique details of how the "V180" plays out and how long it takes to cycle and how intense the extremes may be, it’s still a universal pattern...a universal experience that everyone can relate to. 

The reason I gave it the “Vicious180” name is because if you add up the angles of a triangle, you’ll get 180 degrees. 

Unfortunately, though... 

The "V180" is NOT a positive 180 where you truly make a change for the better and you’re able to sustain it. 

Those shifts are never fueled by willpower. 

Willpower has been scientifically proven to be a very limited resource. 

So, let me ask you this?

If it’s been scientifically proven that willpower is a limited resource, is it wise or even logical to expect yourself to run your life on it? Is it wise or logical to praise it in yourself or others?

A large part of my journey has been figuring out how to fuel my life and the positive changes I want to make on something other than willpower and, as a result, I have discovered... 

The ONLY WAY to find your healthy-living sweet spot is by learning how to become a more joyful, inspired person in ALL aspects of life.

When you truly commit to finding your healthy-living sweet spot, it's not just about reclaiming your health, it's about reclaiming your life.

This DOESN'T mean you must be in the "Inspired" quadrant all the time.

What it DOES mean is you must become better at recognizing and honoring where you’re at (what quadrant you're in), realizing you’re not alone, and having more of an understanding of what can be done to spend less time doing the "V180" and more time in the "Inspired" quadrant.

Understanding The Four Quadrants of Life is crucial if you want to RECLAIM your...

1.) Health and find your unique, healthy-living sweet spot.
2.) Life and become a more joyful, inspired person.

That's why...

This four-quadrant framework is the basis of my course content.


Exercise180: The Six-Module, Digital Course

That will… 

1.) Help you become one of the strongest, healthiest people you know (in body & mind). 
2.) Initiate you into a movement creating real change for the next generation.

Even if...

1.) You feel like a hot mess.
2.) You're a serious couch potato.
3.) Your diet consists primarily of pizza, wine and ice cream. 

Course content...

{Lesson 1} You’re Not the Problem 
{Lesson 2} Transformation is Possible 
{Lesson 3} The Language of Life 
{Lesson 1} There’s Always & Only One Real Problem 
{Lesson 2} Rich Conversations
{Lesson 3} Process & Practice
{Lesson 1} Life’s Big Rocks
{Lesson 2} An Obsession With Health Is Not Healthy
{Lesson 3} Liberating Time (Even When You Don’t Think It’s Possible)
{Lesson 1} Perspective is Power
{Lesson 2} Bondage’s Seduction
{Lesson 3} Bondage’s Dirty Little Secret
{Lesson 1} The Beauty of Procrastination
{Lesson 2} Go Slow to Go Fast
{Lesson 3} The “Shoulds” That Keep You Stuck and the “Coulds” That Get You Movin’
{Lesson 1} You’re Not a Machine
{Lesson 2} Exercise Your True Power

If you're someone who has never been that into health and fitness before or who has never been successful in this area of your life, this course will help you finally become the strong and healthy version of yourself you’ve been craving to experience. 

If you're someone who is doing well in the arena of health and fitness, you’re going to learn how to avoid falling off the bandwagon and how to make sure your health habits aren’t causing stress to you or those you care about so you can have peace of mind about the psychological impact you’re having on yourself and others.

In other words...

You might be someone who has never been thin or fit or maybe you’re someone who is thin and fit, but with a painful story...maybe your mom forced you to begin dieting at the age of 10. 

Regardless of what your body has looked like and has been able to do, regardless of what your body currently looks like and is currently able to do, regardless of what age your struggle around your body and weight and health began or the tenacity or intensity of your struggle, this course will meet you where you’re at and help you move forward in powerful ways.

This course will not only help you reclaim your health so you can find your unique, healthy-living sweet spot, but it will also help you reclaim your life so you can become a more joyful, inspired person!

"Annalicia’s Exercise180 Course will help you rediscover what matters to you and how you hold the keys to your health, happiness, and destiny. It will help you start living a healthier, happier, more-inspired life NOW. It is so far apart from where typical ‘health’ programs go…it’s like she is light years into the future. Please, please, if you have a daughter, niece, cousin, or anyone in your life, including yourself, who struggles with body positivity and health issues, you cannot do yourself a better service than to go through the Exercise180 Course. It’s probably the best thing I did for myself in 10 years or more. I would absolutely recommend the course to others! It’s life changing and life affirming. It far exceeded my expectations. It was so much better than I imagined it would be.”
-Kristina Johnson
St. Paul, Minnesota
"Before going through the Exercise180 Course, I was doing everything I thought I should be doing to be fit and healthy. I was strict and regimented about my exercise and eating habits. But I was overwhelmed with frustration because, despite my efforts, I was gaining weight. Now I feel so much freedom. Exercise180 changed my perspective on health and fitness and helped me get tangible results in a healthy way. Like, losing multiple inches in my waist and legs. I definitely recommend the program. It’s totally worth the time and money and energy you put into it. I feel so passionate about the Exercise180 approach. It’s unlike anything else out there that I’ve seen. When I went through the Exercise180 Course, I had been working out intensely for over ten years and had tried so many different things. I felt like I had run my gamut of options and I was kind of at my end. But even if you’re not at the end, even if you’re at more of that beginning stage and don’t know where to start, this gives you the starting point. Wherever you’re at, Annalicia and the Exercise180 Course can meet you there and you will get what you need from it.”
-Emily Perron

And the fun doesn't stop there! 

With your purchase of the Exercise180 Course, you get two awesome bonuses: free access for an entire year to both the Exercise180 Online Studio and the Exercise180 Online Community.

  • 100+ Workout Videos: All Levels of Intensity, a Variety of Styles (Yoga, Pilates, etc.) and a Wide Range of Durations (8-90 mins)
  • User-Friendly: Find the Workouts You Need With Ease, Use Nearly Any Device to Stream Videos
  •  Foundation Classes: Learn How to Get Started &  How to Make the Most of Your Workouts
  • Connect With Other E180 Students From Around the World
  •  Health & Fitness Challenges: Get Healthier With the Support of Other, Like-Minded Individuals
  • Live Events: Connect With Me Live When I Broadcast Live Workouts, Interviews & Other Fun & Inspiring Events
You might be thinking you can’t get started with this because you're way too busy.

I get it... 

That’s why I made sure to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible to consume the Exercise180 Course content.

This means you can... 

1.) Tune into the course lessons on nearly any device.

2.) Watch the videos at increased speed if you’re short on time. 

3.) Download and print PDFs that correspond with each module. (These PDFs are where I’ve compiled important information for you such as quotes, recommended resources and diagrams in case you’re not interested in taking notes.)

4.) Listen to course lessons in audio-only form in case you want to tune in while you’re in the car or on a walk. The audio-only option will be available to you via my Exercise180 Podcast. This is a private podcast for Exercise180 members, only. 

The first 18 episodes consist of the audio-only version of the Exercise180 Course lessons + my "Fit and Fabulous For Life" Masterclass. Episode 19 marks the beginning of extended E180 content! (So even once you completed the course, the E180 conversation can continue!)

With E180 At Your Convenience you will, quite literally, be able to tune into course lessons almost anywhere, at any time, and while you’re doing other things like making dinner or working out or folding laundry...

You won’t have to carve out extra time to go through the course. 


You’ll have lifetime access to the course content. This means, as long as the course is around (which I anticipate will be decades), you’ll be able to access it in one way, shape or form.


If you’re worried about navigating the course content on your own, don’t be! I’ve created a guided, 90-Day Jumpstart for you. The jumpstart is a friendly challenge to complete the course in 90 days. This means watching one module about every 2 weeks. I'll be showing up in your inbox a few times a week during your 90-day jumpstart to introduce you to the lessons. 

"I would absolutely recommend the E180 Course to others! It exceeded my expectations! It has helped me understand that...

...I am enough; self-care is not an unattainable goal limited simply for genetic lottery winners, wealthy, or gym rats. E180 is about gratitude for what I do have, what I can do, and being actively educated about creating methods to implement exercise, habits, and healthy choices into my daily life as a practice. E180 is a largely self-paced, judgement-free opportunity to learn about health, ways of creating health shifts that are realistic, responsible and positive. Each day, I learn something from Annalicia, be it from a course lesson, a podcast episode, a post, or a social media quote or perspective. Annalicia is approachable, relatable, gracious, compassionate and attuned to the concerns, experiences, and goals of her E180 students. Annalicia's knowledge, insights, and empathy have made all of the difference in taking E180 from a program to a way of life."
Kate Monto
Syracuse, New York

"The Exercise180 Course is powerful and like nothing I have ever done before! It is on a whole new level! Just when I thought it couldn't get better...

...truly amazing shifts are happening in my life personally and professionally! Someone even came up to me this week and asked what I was doing. She said, "You're glowing and just look different, with a new energy. You look healthy and like you're taking great care of yourself. What's your workout plan?!" I told her the only difference was I was going through the Exercise180 Course! "
Jessica Wachter
Bismarck, North Dakota

"I had super high expectations of Exercise180 and Annalicia absolutely over delivered! What an amazing course... was so much more than I could have imagined. Through Exercise180, Annalicia taught me a philosophy/process that I have not only successfully applied to my physical health, but have also seen positively impact every other part of my life. My confidence has soared. I walk differently and I notice a lot of positive attention from men.  I am 100% behind Annalicia’s work and would absolutely recommend this course to others. Exercise180 is an incredible, life-changing course. It has given me so much hope.” 
Dr. Adrienne Ross, Ph.D.
Vancouver, British Columbia 

"I talk to a lot of fitness people and...

...Annalicia talks about it in a way that nobody else talks about it. I just hope that more and more people continue to hear her voice because I think it's important work that's she's doing!"
Elizabeth Ries
Co-Host of Twin Cities Live and Best to the Nest

Become one of the strongest, healthiest people you know (in body and mind) and get initiated into a movement creating real change for the next generation...

Get registered NOW for the...

Exercise180 Six-Module, Digital Course
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$297 USD

If you want to continue with access to the E180 Studio and Community past your free year, you absolutely can! 

The cost to do that is a small annual fee. Currently, that fee is $97 USD/year.  

Don’t worry, though!

If one year from now, you decide you don’t want to continue you don’t have to. 

You’ll receive a reminder email a few days before your card is scheduled to be charged and it will tell you...

1.) What card we have on file (using only the last four digits). 
2.) If you want to change the card, how to do that.  
3.) The amount that will be charged. 
4.) The date you will be charged.

And, of course...

5.) Instructions for preventing your card from being charged if you don’t want to continue with the E180 Studio and Community access. 

We only want to charge your card again if you really truly want to stick around so we will do whatever we can to keep you up-to-date and informed about your account. 

Even if you choose not to continue with the E180 Community and Studio after your free year, you’ll still be able to access course videos and PDFs.

A lot of people ask, is the Exercise180 Community a...

Gluten-free community? The answer is - no.

Paelo? No.  

Keto? No.  

There’s certainly nothing wrong with any of those philosophies and if you find a specific food or health philosophy that really works for you, I support you in that 100%. 

I always tell people...

Exercise180 is NOT intended to be anyone’s "one stop shop"...anyone’s "be all, end all"...when it comes to health and fitness. Instead, it’s intended to help you establish a strong foundation with simple principles.

That way... 

When you feel inspired to venture out and explore more complex healthy-eating plans or fitness philosophies, you have a sort "safety net" in place.

Your foundation becomes the things you can always easily come back to even if you “fail” at a more complex healthy eating or workout plan. We all need these "safety nets"...this place.

Otherwise, you just go from one complex plan to another. Or, you stop and start the same one. Regardless, when you’re in the in-between state, you can feel completely lost and totally out of control.

When I used to teach in-person yoga and Pilates classes... 

I taught in a wide variety of places and to a wide variety of people. 


Yes, I did teach in yoga studios where there are blankets and bolsters and incense and candles and most people have been doing yoga for decades and could do a headstand in their sleep.  


I also taught extensively in fitness centers and to small groups on living room floors and through community education programs in school gymnasiums and outside at wineries and by the fire at people’s lake cabins and inside breweries for happy hour events and at baby showers and bachelorette parties.

I’ve taught girl scouts and I’ve worked with individuals approaching 80 years old. You name it, I’ve probably done it.

This variety has given me the huge advantage of understanding how to adapt these forms of exercise to meet a wide variety of fitness levels and abilities.  

That’s why when I created my Exercise180 Online Studio, I was really intentional about making sure there was something for everyone.

"I didn't think I could do yoga at my weight. Being overweight, getting into a fitness program can be intimidating. Since discovering Annalicia, though...

...I have fallen in love with yoga! Annalicia feels genuine and kind and has easy to follow sequencing and verbalizes instructions in an easy to understand manner. I have benefited from her workouts immensely. Now that I have worked with several other instructors, I realize that the way Annalicia verbalizes her commands, sets up her sequencing and explains things is unique. She has a true gift. I would absolutely recommend Annalicia to others, especially to beginners, because of her warm demeanor and kindness. If you’re scared of exercise, she will ease your fear.”
Tashia Nilo
St. Paul, Minnesota

"I love how simple Annalicia makes yoga and Pilates. She is a real, loving beauty who enjoys connecting with her members...

....she’s not just some random person on a DVD, who looks like a Barbie Doll, and makes you feel inferior at each workout. Plus, I've learned more about my body from her than from any other DVD out there. (Which is pretty impressive, since I'm in the health and wellness industry myself.)”
Heather Rampolla
Tampa, Florida

“I wanted a really solid, challenging mat Pilates class, with good technique reinforced...

...I was worried that I would not find that combination. In regards to yoga, I was new to that practice when I discovered Annalicia and I wasn't sure what to expect. I've taken Pilates for many years and with many instructors and Annalicia is one of the best -- someone who demonstrates excellent technique and has an amazing ability to connect with her students’ needs, to clearly explain subtle concepts, and to challenge them to improve in ways that stretch themselves in a safe manner. Her beginning yoga teaching is very accessible with a nice balance of mind, body and breathing and has encouraged me to continue working on this practice. Annalicia is an inspiring, gifted teacher. She makes anyone, of any level, feel welcomed and included and provides a different level of challenge for every student, from the beginner to the advanced. She provides continuity but also a diversity of exercises so you don’t get bored. Annalicia uses clear and easy to understand cues to guide you through a workout. You can tell she genuinely cares about her students. Through Annalicia’s instruction, I've been challenged with new exercises and skills in both yoga (where I'm a beginner) and Pilates (where I'm more advanced). Annalicia got me hooked on yoga and brought my Pilates practice to an entirely new level.”
Gina B.
St. Paul, Minnesota

One more thing you should know: I'm happy to offer you a...

Money-back guarantee...

I know it can be a big leap of faith to try something new. 

I want to make this easy for you...

If you complete the Exercise180 Course and you feel like it wasn't worth the investment, email and myself or someone on my team will refund your money, in full. 

All we ask is..

1.) It's been no longer than 90 days since your purchase.

2.) You've tuned into all six modules. (We'll trust you on this.)

3.) You're willing to hop on the phone with me or someone on my team for a few brief minutes to offer your feedback.

$297 USD

With your purchase, you'll receive...

Exercise180 Six-Module, Digital Course
  • ​Instant Access to the Entire Course
  • ​E180 At Your Convenience
  • ​Lifetime Access
  • ​Guided 90-Day Jumpstart
Exercise180 Online Studio 
  • ​Stream 100+ Workout Videos
  • ​Free Access For an Entire year
Exercise180 Online Community 
  • ​A Private Facebook Group For You to Connect With Other E180 Student
  • ​Get Healthier With the Support of Other Like-Minded Individuals
  • ​Free Access For an Entire year

Everything you need to become one of the strongest, healthiest people you know (in body and mind) and everything you need to get initiated into a movement creating real change for the next generation!

"I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the Exercise180 Course to others! I want EVERYONE to hear Annalicia’s powerful and inspiring message. I feel it is especially important for young girls and women, but a powerful message for all ages and genders. This is NOT what people are used to hearing about exercise. E180 presents a philosophy about exercise and health that turns all conventional 'wisdom’ completely on its head. I think E180 is the only philosophy about exercise that is sustainable and truly promotes healthy living. Annalicia is a wealth of knowledge. She’s kind, understanding, real and fun. Her message is so powerful and so important.”
-Carrie Redden
"I had an idea of what the Exercise180 Course was going to be, but it FAR EXCEEDED my expectations. The level of growth was much deeper than what I thought it would be and goes beyond my exercise habits and into every aspect of my daily life! E180 will totally flip your health and exercise a good way! I have never felt so liberated from my 'bad' habits! The E180 Course is something that I’ll watch over and over again. Annalicia is welcoming, kind, open, honest, fun and willing to have the conversations that no one else is having. She has given me the internal tools that will help me shape my life in a fulfilling way no matter the season or what is happening around me."
-Laura Lee
New London, Minnesota

Not ready to dive into the course yet? No worries!

Would you like to check out one of my recent podcast interviews first?

In this interview, you'll learn more about my E180 community and philosophy...


The conversation centers around the question, "How do we stop vicious cycles in our lives and, instead, initiate and sustain true transformations?" 

Maybe you'd like to check out my FREE masterclass as well?

In this masterclass, I lay out the seven principles my E180 philosophy is built on. Tune in to get to know me better and learn more about my philosophy...

The seven secrets I lay out in this masterclass have made such a huge difference for me on my journey! 

In other words...

Until I came to discover these seven things, it felt like such a struggle to be healthy.

But once I adopted this new way of being healthy, everything changed. 

Grab a glass of wine or cup of tea and get started with my FREE masterclass now! 

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With E180 in your corner, you will unlearn disempowered patterns of thought and action and learn to exercise your power to initiate and sustain 180 transformations! Become truly strong and healthy in mind and body!
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