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Hey, I'm Annalicia Lynn...

My first name is pronounced, "Anna-lee-sha."

I'm a MN gal, a quote junkie and a lover of bold coffee, floral teas and full-bodied wine. 

My work has been featured in many places including Cameron Diaz’s Body Book Blog, The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, ELITE DAILY, Unity Magazine, CBS Minnesota News and Twin Cities Live.

One of my superpowers is helping people get fit and healthy without jeopardizing their happiness and enjoyment of life. 


Who doesn't love pizza with their wine?! ;)

12+ years ago I was initiated into the health and fitness world when I became a Pilates instructor. Soon after, I got my degree in physical education and got trained as a yoga instructor and holistic health coach. 

Over the last decade, I've had the honor of helping countless individuals across the globe become healthier and happier...

Annalicia taught me a philosophy/process that I have not only successfully applied to my physical health, but have also seen positively impacted every other part of my life. My confidence has soared. I walk differently and I notice a lot of positive attention from men. Annalicia's message is incredible and life-changing. She has given me so much hope. I am 100% behind her work.
-Dr. Adrienne Ross, Ph.D. 
Vancouver, British Columbia

I want EVERYONE to hear Annalicia’s powerful and inspiring message. I feel it's especially important for young girls and women, but a powerful message for all ages and genders. This is NOT what people are used to hearing about exercise or health. Annalicia presents a philosophy that turns all conventional "wisdom" completely on its head and I think her philosophy is the only philosophy about health and fitness that is sustainable and truly promotes healthy living. Annalicia is a wealth of knowledge. She’s kind, understanding, real and fun. Her message is so powerful and so important.
-Carrie Redden

Annalicia's messages is LIFE CHANGING and LIFE AFFIRMING. It FAR EXCEEDED my expectations. It was SO MUCH BETTER than I imagined it would be. Her message holds the keys to your health, happiness, and destiny. She knows how to help you start living a healthier, happier, more-inspired life NOW. Annalicia is the BEST! She's so genuine and caring and easy to understand. You can tell she truly wants to help people. I see her helping to change our entire world for the better.
-Kristina Johnson
St. Paul, Minnesota

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