Adopt a New Approach to Health, Find Your Unique, Healthy-Living Sweet Spot 
(Where Success, Sustainability 
and Peace of Mind All Co-Exist)
... even if you feel chronically stressed and you're no stranger to falling off the bandwagon when it comes to your health habits.

If you’re someone who not only wants to be fit and healthy, but wants to be fit and healthy long-term AND in a way that doesn’t mess with your head (or your kids’ mental health), you’re in the right place. 

Hey, I'm Annalicia (pronounced, "Anna-lee-sha"). I've taught Pilates for 18+ years, yoga for nearly a decade and I was trained by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach. I'm the leader of the Exercise180 community which is helping people around the world become among the strongest, healthiest people they know (in body and mind). Through this movement, my E180 members and I are initiating real change for the next generation! 

I knew this change was in order because...

People used to come to me all the time with confessions of falling off the bandwagon. When it comes to getting healthier in the current American culture, trying and failing is one of the most common experiences. 

When this happens, you've been trained to believe that YOU are the problem...

You didn't have enough willpower, you didn't adopt a "no excuses" attitude, so on and so forth. But what if that explanation of your failure is actually incorrect? Or, dare I say insane?  

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
-Albert Einstein

According to Einstein's definition of "insanity" I don't think I'm too far off. In other words... 

If our culture's approach to health was truly functional, do you think it would be such a chronic problem for people to put into practice?

And there are other problems too...

In a society where so many people struggle to be healthy, nearly 100% of women struggle with their body image, young girls often begin worrying about their weight by age 10, eating disorders are prevalent, body shaming happens all the time and anxiety, exhaustion and illness are the norm, do you think it’s time to stop blaming yourself and to start questioning the approach?

What if this whole time you thought you were the problem, but really the approach was what was off? 

What if getting healthier has nothing to do with you being harder on yourself? What if all you need is a fresh perspective?

My health journey began when I was 18. I remember within the first month of my freshman year of college hearing about the “Freshman 15” for the first time. I was told a lot of girls gain 15+ pounds during their first year of college. Prior to hearing about the “Freshman 15” I didn’t think much about my health or my weight.

I was a three-sport athlete in high school so I got the exercise I needed simply by showing up for my games and practices. And, like most high school kids, I ate the meals that were prepared for me and whatever was in my house for snacks. 


I’m 18 years old, I’m thin and I’m fit, but I suddenly realized that could all change very quickly. And, even though I didn’t think much about my weight prior to that, the idea of gaining weight started to really scare me.

All I wanted was to stay thin and fit, but I didn't really have any health habits in place, I didn't really know what it meant to be healthy or how to do it on my own.

So I got to work...

I established rules about food and strict exercise routines. I told myself there was no excuse for me not getting to the gym. So, I went...

Every. Single. Day.

It didn’t matter how I was feeling, emotionally, and it didn’t matter how I was feeling, physically. I never allowed myself to miss a workout because, “I didn’t feel like it.” I was the perfect poster child for the “no excuses” fitness philosophy.

My obsession with exercise escalated to a point where I would work out even if I was sick...

I was obsessed with exercise, obsessed with rules around food, and obsessed with my weight.

It was far from healthy.

Now, many years later, I have established a new approach to health that allows success, sustainability and peace of mind to all co-exist.

At this point, my unique philosophy on health and fitness and well being has spread and has been acclaimed in major publications and media throughout the United States including, among others, Cameron Diaz’s Body Book Blog, The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, ELITE DAILY, Unity Magazine, CBS Minnesota News and Twin Cities Live.

I have established a groundbreaking philosophy that will help you become healthy with ease, in a way that’s sustainable and a way that fosters peace of mind.  

I can assure you that you’re NOT going to get standard health advice from me. (Like, find an accountability group or track your calorie intake.) What I do have to share with you, though, has the power to transform your health and your life, forever. 

One important aspect of my philosophy is a framework I developed called “The Four Quadrants of Life"...

This framework is the basis of my Exercise180 course.

This six-module, digital course is designed to...

1.) Help you become one of the strongest, healthiest people you know (in body & mind). 
2.) Initiate you into a movement creating real change for the next generation. 

Even if...

1.) You feel like a hot mess.
2.) You're a serious couch potato.
3.) Your diet consists primarily of pizza, wine and ice cream. 

Course content...

Another important aspect of my philosophy is something I call, your "healthy-living sweet spot.”

There are seven secrets that will help you adopt a new approach to health and that will help you find your unique, healthy-living sweet spot and I share them ALL with you in my FREE Fit & Fab Masterclass...

These are the seven things that have made all the difference for me in my life. Until I came to discover these seven things, it felt like such a struggle to be healthy.

But once I adopted this new way of being healthy, everything changed.

Grab a glass of wine or cup of tea and get started with my FREE masterclass now! 

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With E180 in your corner, you will unlearn disempowered patterns of thought and action and learn to exercise your power to initiate and sustain 180 transformations! Become truly strong and healthy in mind and body!
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